Meteogram AIR

With the Meteogram Air 2 different temperature curves are represented. The upper one shows the temperature forecast into 2 meters height. The lower temperature forecast shows the temperature gradient in the height (in hPa). Since the temperature in the height constantly changes, the temperatures are to be read off direct from the curve. In the following diagrams of the air meteograms other parameters can be read, like probability of precipitation and - quantity, cloudiness, wind speed and - direction as well as the radiation for the next 6 days.

Meteogram AIR

meteoblue AIR meteograms show the weather development in the atmosphere, from ground to around 5000 meters elevation (pressure levels 1020 to 500 mbar) simulating the air layerings above the selected location.
Parameters shown are air temperature and wind speed and direction at ground and various atmosphere levels, including the zero degree (°C) line, precipitation and clouds,  air pressure and radiation for 3 to 6 days ahead. An explanation of the wind symbols is shown on the page Wind.

meteoblue AIR meteograms show the weather for the surrounding area, corresponding to a model grid cell. The specific conditions of the selected location (altitude, inclination) are not displayed in the AIR meteogram. The ground level of the selected location may be lower or higher than the altitude shown by an AIR meteogram . The average altitude of the surrounding area is shown by a line in the temperature chart and a brown bar at the bottom of the cloud chart. A conversion of pressure levels to altitude is shown on the page  position.
AIR meteograms are useful for flight planning, paragliding and mountaineering, as well as for making weather forecasts for specific areas. With the help of the parameters for the individual air layers, the weather conditions in different altitudes can be interpreted.

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meteoblue AIR meteograms