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meteoblue can extract data from its high resolution forecasts for any point on the surface, in the air, and in the soil. meteoblue delivers the same quality forecast for any location, regardless whether there is a weather station nearby or not.

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To get your personal weather forecasts for your individual locations visit and use the locationsearch.

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pointApi - all data you need

Special Projects

imeteo - station based forecast.
ForeSite - wind power forecast.

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Wind = Foresite
Buildings = Watt4
Weather stations = imeteo

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1. meteoblue operates the large-scale weather models with the highest documented efficiency - thereby using less power per forecast.
2. meteoblue computing clusters are operated using 100% renewable energy - there are no greenhouse gas emissions from our forecast production.
3. meteoblues makes a contribution to efficient management of renewable energies through services such as Foresite and p☼intSolar.

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High resolution means that there is always a meteoblue weather forecast close to you - closer than 2 km in Central Europe, closer than 8 km in all of Europe and North America, and closer than 11 km in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. Forecasts are further adapted to each location by meteoblue downscaling methods. meteoblue forecasts extend to 5-7 days, with hourly detail for every location. This detail is also available for the atmosphere, for the entire continent, and for the sea surface covered in the respective forecasting domain. 14-day forecasts are also available.

meteoblue has gained an ever growing community of users since its inception in 2003. Many thousands scrutinize our forecasts every day, among them many professional meteorologists. Each day, farmers, pilots, energy traders, event and building managers, caterers, mountaineers, cyclists, astronomers, and many others plan their activities to the hour based on meteoblue forecasts. Here is what they say.

meteoblue operates a fully automated process chain from computing weather forecasts to extracting data to creating maps and diagrams. We offer a continously increasing range of products tailored to our clients' needs. Our commitment is to give you access to the best forecast data the way it suits your business best.

Available products are displayed above and in the navigation tabs on the left. If you have special requirements, contact us.