03/01/2014 - New year - news inside

meteoblue starts 2014 with more news. This year we globalize the weather in various dimensions: In October 2013, we have opened a unique global weather archive, followed by a global location search in November 2013. Now, we have started calculation of our own global weather model becoming the first private weather service in Europe to operate a global forecast model. This model provides forecast with a precision of 0.1°C (5%) better than the previous model, and enables special functions such as trajectories globally. As the year progresses, expect more precision, more features for forecasts and for past data, and more news. We wish all users a Good Year of 2014 and appreciate your suggestions. Your meteoblue team

23/12/2013 - More weather for Christmas 2013

Dear users, meteoblue opens the doors again for Christmas and extends to all users access to our premium Charts & Tools for 10 days free of charge. You can now check the snow level in the Alpes and the hourly weather anywhere in the world, including on the ocean. With our myMap Wind, you can explore the wind within hundreds of kilometers around you, and much more. You can browse the weather of the past, and take our forecast to your own website. More weather than ever before...
We thank all users for their visits and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Good Start into 2014.
Your meteoblue team

23/11/2013 - Global location search

meteoblue location search is now truly global: when you type a name into our location search, you will now receive a selection of all places in the world with similar names. Thereby, we fulfil a long standing wish of our users. With global location search, hourly forecasts, atmosphere data in 3-D "AIR", 5-year hourly data archive, meteoblue now offers access to precision weather information for any place and hour in the world for any time since 2008, accessible within seconds.
With meteoblue, Weather... is now really ☼ close to you.

29/10/2013 - New maps

Spain and Portugal, France, Italy and Austria are now bigger - our weather maps now cover these entire countries. And we have added weather maps for several new countries: Ireland, English Channel, Denmark, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia & Hungary, Bulgaria and Greece.
With these maps, we offer the highest resolution forecasts for precipitation, temperature, wind and risk available on the web.

04/10/2013 - Weather history - new archive

meteoblue opens the weather history, an archive of 5 years of weather data for every place in the world. The meteoblue archive contains hourly data for temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, sunshine, wind speed and direction. Data are shown as weekly, monthly and yearly diagrams.
With the meteoblue weather archive, we open a new dimension in time: you can now review what has happened in the past. With a point+ subscription, you can review the weather in hourly steps for any place where you have been during the previous 5 year.
Enjoy the weather history, and let us know what you think.

24/08/2013 - meteoblue @ Gordon Bennett 2013

meteoblue is supporting TEAM Swiss-02 at the prestigious Gordon Bennett 2013 gas balloon race.

29/07/2013 - Lightnings

We have enhanced our precipitation radar map by adding lightning strikes, based on precision data provided by www.nowcast.de. The lightning information is available for Central and Western Europe. Each lightning strike is displayed by an orange cross.

25/06/2013 - Predictability

We now display the estimated certainty in our 7 day forecast as coloured bar, to indicate possible uncertain or frequently changing forecasts. The predictability considers uncertainties in pressure, precipitation, temperature, wind, larger scale patterns and climate inconsistencies.
We achieve a high and constant predictability in high pressure areas and locations with low weather variance (like deserts). Predictability is lower in low pressure situations, with intense precipitation events or thunderstorms. Our goal is to show you that some weather events are not so easy to predict and that some forecasts might be inaccurate or completely change within the next 12 hours. Your comments are appreciated.

16/06/2013 - Lightning

We have enhanced our precipitation radar map by adding lightning strikes, based on precision data provided by www.nowcast.de. The lightning information is available for Central and Western Europe. Each lightning strike is displayed by an orange cross.

10/04/2013 - Spring 2013

As parts of Europe are still waiting for spring, you can see the coming weather with the meteogram 14-day. The Climate Meteogram shows what weather has been like during the past 30 years. Your meteoblue team.

30/03/2013 - Weather on Easter 2013

Dear Users, thanks for your support and your and messages! You can check how "normal" the weather will be on Easter with our Climate Comparison.
We wish all a Happy Easter holiday. Your meteoblue team.

01/03/2013 - News March 2013

Dear Users,
we now compute high resolution weather forecasts for India and New Zealand.
In addition, we have added the Seeing forecast: it shows the sunrise, sunset and moonlight hours. You will also see in the right column, which planets are visible.
We wish you more good weather with meteoblue.
Your meteoblue team

21/12/2012 - Good forecasts

Dear users,
the forecasts for the end of the world forecast were not correct. Ours mostly are ... and we offer:
- APP for Android smartphones;
- free point+ Christmas promotion;
- new windSPOT and Stueve diagrams for pilots, and much more.
We thank all users for their visits and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Good Start into 2013.
Your meteoblue team

06/12/2012 - meteoblue app for Android™

The long awaited meteoblue app for smartphones with Android is now available. Head over to the Google Play Store and get your free copy.

24/10/2012 - New design - 2012

Dear users,
since today we present the weather with a new design, more information, new features, and better suitability for different browsers and devices.
Thanks for the many proposals, suggestions, criticisms and ideas. Many of you already liked the old page. Why change it then? Because it is even better now:
1. We now offer a comprehensive overview of the current and future weather patterns on a single page. New features include an improved meteogram, a localized precipitation forecast for the next hour and hourly values ??for temperature and wind (click on "Additional parameters").
2. Under "Charts & Tools" all diagrams can be selected in a single table. Now you can select between almost all weather presentations with one click.
3. We have introduced additional features:
3.1 For location selection, you now get "Last Visited" to choose from when you are not logged.
3.2. With "Language & Units", you can change units (from km/h into m/s, etc).
3.3. The latest observations are displayed at the top right, when reliable measurements from the surrounding are available.
3.4. Under "Current conditions and warnings" there are readings from nearby weather stations.
3.5. The maps now appear all in the same design and can be animated.
3.6. The page displays better on different browsers, particularly on mobile devices.
We have also improved the prediction quality further (see News from August 2012)
We hope you enjoy the new site! Nobody is perfect, and there are still some opportunities for improvement. We are now working on further suggestions which you sent us. If you have comments, use our FEEDBACK form and write to us.
We thank you for your trust and wish you more good weather with meteoblue.
Your team meteoblue

23/09/2012 - myMapServer replacement

myMapServer is temporarily out of service. The familiar myMapServer services are being continued and enhanced on www.meteoblue.com under the names AIR, SKY and MAP, and most services  (such as the Meteogram AIR, "Seeing") are available worldwide (unlike myMapServer) and also more frequently updated.

21/08/2012 - Too hot? Too cold?

After 2 years of development, we have significantly improved the quality of our local temperature forecasts: More than 80% of hourly forecasts will now have less than 2°C error (i.e. deviation from the measurement), on average. Here is an example from 10.08.2012 in Europe, with more than 3000 observations per hour for different places:Deviation level of  New > Previous forecast   <2°C      =         81% > 63% (16% increase in quality)   <3°C      =         93% > 79% (14% increase in quality)
Long-term validation with statistics shows that the new temperature forecasts can achieve an error smaller than 1.7°K (absolute °C) in 70% of the cases, for any given hour (not just daily minimum and maximum!).As always in forecasting, there are still good days and bad days, or places where we just don't get it right every time, but their number has significantly decreased. For places with larger deviations, you can use our me-T?-u messages to report the right values.These temperature forecasts are now online worldwide. The quality is achieved with multi-model downscaling. The same quality is displayed on the meteoblue website through our p?int forecast, available through our p?int products and as Archive data starting 01.Aug.2012, for special cases also before.

19/06/2012 - Plan your weather

How was the weather anywhere in the world - and how will it be? With the climate diagram, you can now view the course of temperature, precipitation and wind at tens of thousands of places in the world. Select a location and click on Clima to find the closest weather history: worldwide.

07/05/2012 - Free 3 day AIR

meteoblue now offers the "classic" meteogram AIR of 3 days free of charge: click on AIR and you will be able to see a 3-day AIR meteogram for any place in the world. The 6-day AIR meteogram is available with a p?int+ subscription.

04/04/2012 - Maps are "NEW"

First, a big thank you to all contributors to our public beta test of the new weather maps. The old layout has now been replaced by the new one, so it's time to update your bookmarks, if you had any. We also moved the wind films to the new page, so you can find all weather information for larger areas under "Weather maps" with the same new layout. And we appreciate your feedback for further improvements.
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