Weer Porto

Porto Portugal 41.15°N 8.62°W 95m asl 07:00 | 8 mph | Bewolkt en nevelig
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Temperatuur (°F) 64 ° 64 ° 65 ° 68 ° 73 ° 72 ° 67 ° 65 °
Gevoelstemperatuur (°F) 66° 66° 67° 70° 75° 73° 68° 68°
Windsnelheid (mph) 5 4 3 5 10 11 7 4
Windvlagen (mph) 8 7 4 7 10 14 9 8
Neerslag (mm/3h) - <1 <1 - - - <1 -
Neerslag waarschijnlijkheid 4% 17% 23% 14% 7% 3% 0% 0%

Neerslag verdeling binnen 15 km

Here we display the weather development for the next 7 days. Click on a tab to view a detailed day forecast. You can also use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate through the days, or if you use a touch screen, you can use the swipe function. Each tab includes a pictogram with the weather condition, maximal and minimal temperature, dominant wind speed and wind direction, the precipitation amount for 24h in mm and the sunshine hours. If you move your mouse over the logo for sunrise and sunset, also the current UV index is displayed. Normally, the maximum temperature is expected at late afternoon and the minimum at night.

The 3-hour overview shows a more detailed forecast for the selected day:

  • The top-left shows sun and moon rise and set times. The moon-phase is also displayed as a small image.
  • The 3 hour values are calculated as follows: temperature and wind show the condition at the displayed time. They are not mean, max or min values.
  • Precipitation is accumulated and shows the amount accumulated during the previous 3h in mm. It behaves like a rain gauge."5 mm at 12:00" shows the precipitation amount from 9:00 to 12:00.
  • The desert dust concentration is displayed on demand from green to red. For precipitation, a high number of sand particles can be absorbed. The data is provided by NMMB/BSC-Dust model.

Click on additional parameters to extend the forecast by the following parameters:

  • The 3-hour values are extended by felt temperature, wind gust and relative humidity. The temperature felt is calculated with wind speed, solar radiation and humidity, and therefore includes both windchill and heat index.
  • If available, we also include an hourly weather forecast below. The first row displays the hour, the second temperature; the following rows are wind direction, wind speed and gusts.
  • For coastal areas, we show sea temperature, wave height and period. Note: Wave information for Mediterranean, Baltic and Red Sea will be added soon.

In addition to these parameters, our forecast system includes much more data. We calculate various forecast models with 55 atmospheric layers and a spatial resolution from 25km down to 700m. Each day, we generate terabytes of data and have built one of the largest weather databases on Europe. This enables users and customers to find pertinent weather information for every place on Earth. The available data and images can be obtained as "Products" through our Business Services.

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Neerslag radar

mini radar mini radar mini radar

Onze "Neerslag radar" kaarten tonen een term neerslag voorspelling kort voor het volgende uur. We tonen een kaart van het land en een lokale radarSPOT, met uw locatie in het centrum.

De bliksem van het afgelopen half uur verschijnen als rode kruisen. Bliksem data wordt geleverd door nowcast.

Deze informatie is beschikbaar voor bepaalde landen en bijgewerkt elke 15 minuten.

Meteogram - 5 dagen - Porto


Our meteogram shows all important weather forecast parameters in one image. It may take a moment to understand it, but it's worth it!

We display hourly data from left to right. The vertical yellow and white areas are daylight and night periods, respectively. There are three different data series: temperature, cloud & precipitation and wind:

  • Colored temperature curve in hourly steps and pictograms for the weather condition in steps of 6 hours.
  • Clouds are shown with various densities (light to dark gray) and altitudes up to 14km. Rain (blue) and shower (light blue) in mm are presented as a bar graph at the bottom. A star "*" marks snow and exclamation marks "!" freezing rain.
  • The third graph shows wind direction arrows (in 2 hour intervals), mean wind speed (teal) and gust wind (dark green)

Deel deze meteogram...

The small print

You may use the provided code to share this meteogram on forums, bulletin boards, on your personal website or blog. You must not edit the code in any way.

Huidige weerssituatie en waarschuwingen

Temperatuur & pictogrammen

pictomap pictomap pictomap pictomap pictomap pictomap pictomap


clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain clouds and rain


Temperatuur (°F) Tijd Afstand (km) Hoogte (m)
64 06:42
64 07:00
64 06:00
65 04:00
64 07:00
64 06:41
60 06:00
57 06:00
62 06:41
64 06:06

The weather miniMaps help you to get an overview about the weather development within your region. To animate the map, hover or click with your cursor over each map.

  • The map for "Weather conditions" displays weather pictograms and the maximum expected temperatures for the next 6 days.
  • Clouds and precipitation maps show the hourly cloud development (white to gray) within the next day, rain (blue-purple) and snow (shaded).
  • For Europa, the maps from meteoalarm.eu show official weather warnings. These maps might be delayed by a few minutes compared to the sites of the national services. For detailed weather warnings visit meteoalarm.eu

Help: new design

Our products and Help pages have a new design and more information. A new navigation gives you yet easier and quicker access to pages of interest, such as FAQ, time dimensions, data-sources.
The product pages feature more offers for private and business, such as App and Web development, Solar, Agriculture, Weather archive. The technical documentation has been substantially expanded.
To find out what makes meteoblue a special weather provider, see "the difference". With new "Specials", we offer the weather for each stadium of the FIFA World Championship in Brazil.


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