meteoblue compensated for all its CO2 emissions of 2022

As part of our climate protection strategy and as done yearly since 2020, we calculated our carbon footprint and compensated for the emitted CO2.

The corporate carbon footprint of a company is composed of its direct and indirect CO2 emissions due to power consumption, burning of fossil fuels, production of goods and much more. Since meteoblue is mainly providing online services, our CO2 footprint naturally is relatively low compared to the manufacturing industries. Also, we traditionally always opted for climate-friendly solutions where possible, such as renewable power and heating, and we actively try to emit as little CO2 as possible (e.g. by travelling as little and as CO2 friendly as possible).
Still, we can only partially operate CO2 emission-free because our IT centre needs power, the meteoblue office needs to be heated in winter, the team consumes food, and other activities also release fossil CO2.
We carefully analysed all our activities in 2022 and calculated the emitted CO2, along with the acknowledged „Greenhouse Gas Protocol“for all emission scopes: 72.000 kg CO2.

We compensated this with a donation to atmosfair, a non-profit organisation supporting climate protection projects worldwide. Specifically, we supported an India-based project that allows farmers to recycle their harvest waste for energy production with a bio-gas power plant. The project follows the rules of the „Clean Development Mechanism“ and the „Gold Standard“.

We will pursue our approach to preventing and reducing climate impacts during our daily business activities. In addition, for the unavoidable CO2 emissions, we will further document and compensate them yearly, and hope that many others follow suit in this challenge, which is probably the largest of the 21st century.

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