Additional GEM models and radar updates improve our weather maps

We added the global GEM15 and GEM2 North America models to our weather maps and forecasting system in the last weeks. In addition, the radar for Saudi Arabia and Israel has been updated.

The Canadian Weather service supplies the GEM models: GEM15 weather model is a global weather model covering the world with a spatial resolution of 15km and a forecast time range of 7 days in 3-hourly steps. The GEM2 model is a high-resolution model for North America and covers an area with a 2 km resolution. The forecast data are available for 48 hours for every single hour. These models are now considered in the forecast calculation based on multiple data sources for our weather data. You can, however, also access the raw model data through our weather maps by selecting the models in the lower right corner or our MultiModel diagram. You can also specifically choose the models displayed in the MultiModel.

Furthermore, the radar data for Saudi Arabia and Israel have been updated because we have added additional datasets. You can find the radar for your location on the start page or our dedicated radar map.


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