Current Weather now with satellite and radar - worldwide

Current Weather - the “reality check" - now shows real-time animations of satellite and radar for every place in the world - even on oceans and in deserts.

(Illustration above: observed temperatures over North America, 10. 06. 2021)

In March 2021, our Current Weather page received the Sun Elevation diagram and METAR display (see past news). Three months later, we have added further major upgrades:

  • highest resolution satellite view with animation option - now available worldwide even on oceans and in deserts. (Illustration below: a satellite view of Europe, 10. 06. 2021);
  • high resolution radar view display - also worldwide and with animation option; (Illustration below: radar and precipitation nowcast of Central Europe, 10. 06. 2021)
  • in the satellite viewer window, you can now switch between the satellite per se, observed temperatures, and observed precipitation - for any place in the world;
  • maps of observed temperatures and observed precipitation reach 3 days backwards! (Illustration below: observed precipitation in the around Basel, Switzerland, 09. 06. 2021)
  • for point+ users, the satellite and radar viewer reaches 24 hours backwards in 15 minute steps.
  • on smaller screens (such as on mobile devices, tablets etc.), the menu will automatically hide in order to increase the space available on the screen and thus improve the user experience;

We hope you like our additions, and as always, appreciate your feedback here, or via facebook, twitter, instagram or LinkedIn.


Posted on 2021-06-14 17:26:37 by btschumy

You new temperature and precipitation views are not respecting the users preferences for units. The same pages in the map view do respect the units.

1. It is displaying temperature as ºC even in the US.
2. It is displaying precipitation in mm rather than inches
3. the time slider at the bottom is doing something strange. It says time is in UTC but it is not really. You should be displaying local time like the regular maps.

Posted on 2021-06-18 18:41:12 by michel.cevzar@<:&>@+<&.org

I would be great if we could also see the sum of precipitation amount in the last 3 days (how much precipitation was there all together in the last 3 days), this way you would know how much mud to expect on your trails or choose one will less precipitation :)

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