How is meteoblue weather used for rescuing fawns?

Preparation is key! This phrase can be applied to many areas of life, but it is especially true for one of our users. In roe deer fawn rescue, good preparation is essential. In 2010, members started rescuing roe deer fawns before founding the official association “Rehkitzrettung Schweiz” in 2017.

In their first months, roe deer fawns have the instinct to lie flat on the ground and not move. This instinct is supposed to protect them from danger but can be fatal when farmers mow their meadows with mowing machines. The roe deer fawn rescue is responsible for checking the fields beforehand. The inspection for remaining roe deer fawns needs to be well prepared, and meteoblue is part of this preparation.

For controlling the meadows, the roe deer rescue team uses drones with thermal imaging cameras to make the search as efficient as possible. Before the flight, the team plans the drone flight with a system they have developed. For these flights, weather is essential.

Drone flight planning at optimal weather conditions is simplified thanks to the integration of our meteoblue API. The meteoblue API can be easily and efficiently integrated into your systems and used for various use cases that bring weather data in an automated way into systems.

One part of flight planning is a fully automated check using meteoblue weather data. This generates a flight check report which includes, among other data, the current weather conditions to ensure a safe flight.

Good weather conditions are of great importance when flying drones. The damage of drones could affect the roe deer rescue work tremendously, as the drones should be operable and fully functional for rescue missions. Especially during the high season, each drone must be flown as often as possible to enable the work of the fawn rescuers.

The weather conditions are provided to Rehkitzrettung Schweiz through the meteoblue meteogram using our weather API. The meteogram summarizes all relevant weather conditions in one chart.

In addition, we also offer detailed air data on our designated aviation pages such as the meteogram AIR.

You can find more about the roe deer fawn rescue "Rehkitzrettung Schweiz" here. We are glad to support this interesting use case with our weather data.

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