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Our forecast on your website

Integrate meteoblue weather forecasts into your own web page. Configure the parameters and copy the produced HTML code (see below) into your website.

The widget is responsive and you may alter the iframe properties (except "src") to best fit your website. However, we do not support any of those changes and recommend to use the HTML that is generated by the configurator. The widget is free for commercial and non-comercial use. See detailed conditions and recommendations for use on the "Widget" page.

meteoblue uses SVG vector graphics, please check the browser compatibility before using the widget. You may want to include <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"/> in your head section to avoid problems in Internet Explorer 9 and newer.

Configure your widget

The widget can either display weather for a predefined location, or try to detect the location of every visitor of your site.


Use the following options to add weather paramaters to the widget or to remove them.