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Professional photovoltaic energy forecast

solar+ provides optimised PV forecasts.... boiler plate text....


1 station 600 Euro per year. Discount for multiple stations (3=550, 5=500, >10=450 per station)


MOS with satellite data, MOS with customer data, 30y history, interactive data analysis, API access, data upload and export


history+ offers consistent weather simulation data in hourly resolution since 1985. Archived weather simulations are assembled to continuous time series. Historical data are the first step to correlate past events and optimize your current and future business.

Worldwide availability

All weather variables are available for any place on Earth and on different altitude levels, independent of measurement stations. We calculate global weather models as well as local high resolution models for Europe, North and South America, Africa, Oceania and most parts of Asia.

High precision

Intensive verification and validation improves our weather models beyond the quality and availability of historic weather measurements. history+ combines convenience and unmatched accuracy to support your daily business decisions.

Unlimited data downloads over 1 year

All data can be download for the selected locations for a period of more than 30 years. Access remains active for 1 year after purchase and includes daily updates.

100% complete without gaps

history+ offers 100% complete time series, with no missing data. All time series are consistent and gap-free, whereas measurements are often not available for the selected place, or unavailable for days or may contain invalid data. Analysis with insufficient data makes results questionable and massively increases the processing effort.

Multiple formats

Data can be interactively analysed on the web, and also downloaded as CSV files. Common evaluations such as year comparison, GDD calculation, frequency analysis, Weibull distributions or wind roses are built-in. Downloaded CSV files can easily be imported into other professional applications.

Available right away

Easily download consistent historical data

All data can be downloaded as CSV files and further processed with programs like Microsoft® Excel or OpenOffice. You can download entire 30 year time series in hourly resolution with various parameters like temperature, precipitation, clouds or wind.')|format(url({'namespace':'weather', 'controller':'archive', 'action':'export'})) }}

Data are available worldwide without any gaps. Our weather simulations are independent of single stations and possible outages.

Interactive interface to analyse data

Our database is packed with hundreds of TB of weather data and right at your disposition. Interactive graphs allow immediate access to continuous time series for your locations or various coordinates. You do not have to wait a couple of days for a 30 year temperature series: It is there in a second.

You can compare multiple locations and detect weather differences that could impact or benefit your business. Gain valuable insights to prepare for typical weather conditions as well as for uncommon extremes.

Compare multiple years

Visualize several seasons with accumulated precipitation or growing degree days (GDD) in one graph. See how a wet or rather hot season may affect plant development, calculate a heating sum to predict how much energy is required during winters or estimate weather conditions for a single week to plan events.')|format(url({'namespace':'weather', 'controller':'archive', 'action':'yearcomparison'})) }}

All information is available immediately after purchase and can be displayed interactively.

Frequency analysis histogram and wind rose

In addition, history+ includes online analysis tools for frequency patterns with Weibull distribution and wind roses. Our tools are highly customizable to fit your specific needs and to save valuable time.')|format(url({'namespace':'weather', 'controller':'archive', 'action':'histogram'}), url({'namespace':'weather', 'controller':'archive', 'action':'windrose'})) }}

Weibull coefficients and wind speed frequencies for wind power generation are calculated for any coordinates on land or sea. Wind roses classify wind directions and speeds, e.g. to further evaluate potential wind park sites and improve power generation efficiency. Temperature and precipitation frequencies help understand business threatening conditions like frost or intense precipitation.