City Climate - Your new companion for the hot summer days

Cities have to increasingly deal with hot summer days and tropical nights. The innovative meteoblue city climate model helps you navigate the new heat and find the best temperatures.

The next heat wave in Basel is coming. And it won't be the last: average temperatures have risen by almost 2 °C in the last 30 years. This leads to more frequent tropical nights (see below) and hot days.

For Basel and Zurich, you can now see how these affect a city exactly and where. Temperature differences exceed 5°C within a city and reach almost 10°C on hot days - within less than 1 kilometre.


The City Climate Map shows current hourly temperature and precipitation data at more than 100 points in the city. With the mouse, you can click on the data values for the location of the measuring instrument in your area.


You can view the City Climate website - or the exact location of your home, workplace or favourite location - on your home screen by creating a bookmark to the website and attaching it to your home screen as a shortcut. With the link on your Home screen, you'll always be up to date and can find out about the situation in your block with just one click.

More information about City Climate can be found here. The number of tropical nights nights can be determined with history+ by setting the risk of "cold events" below 20°C: the non-risky (i.e. gray) periods correspond to days with a tropical night.

We look forward to your feedback and wish you pleasant summer days with the best weather in your area. Stay healthy and do not forget your sun protection and to drink enough. 

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