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meteoblue expresses all temperatures in degrees Celsius (°C). Pure water freezes at 0°C and boils at 100°C on 0 meters altitude above sea level (m asl). Conversions into other scales can be made on request.


The temperature forecast is made for the temperature expected at the given location and altitude, if measured according to WMO (World Meteorology Organisation) guidelines, at 2 meter s above ground, if not otherwise indicated. Other altitudes are indicated in the legend.

Feels like temperature

The apparent (or "feels like") temperature (°C) is the perceived temperature, which people experience under the forecast conditions. It is composed of a heat index and a wind chill factor. The heat index (HI) calculates the temperature the body feels when heat and humidity are combined; it rises with actual air temperature and relative humidity, which make it increasingly difficult for the body to remove the excess heat through sweating. Exposure to direct sunlight can increase the HI by up to 10°C. When the heat index exceeds 37°C, the body will need extra help for removing heat to avoid heat stress and collapse. The wind chill factor calculates how much heat is removed from the body through air movement. It generally reduces perceived temperature compared to the actual.
The meteoblue "feels like" temperature is a combination of both effects. Under windy conditions, the perceived temperature is lower than the actual temperature. Under moist (and mostly hot) conditions, the perceived temperature is higher than the actual temperature - conditions are then is described as "muggy" and occur mainly during summer and in the tropics, principally around the equator (e.g. in Indonesia, Kenia, Ruanda, Congo, Brazil, Peru).


Daily temperatures are summarised as Minima and Maxima. These are the highest and lowest hourly values from the forecast. Actually measured maxima or minima can be up to 2°C higher or lower, since the temperatures can still vary between the hours.


For Maps and Picto-casts, meteoblue uses a standard colour scale from -45 to +45°C to improve interpretation. Examples of temperature forecasts are shown under the p☼int MeteogramsPicto-cast and under Temperature Maps. Other scales can be supplied, and created in myMapServer.

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