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Historical weather data for Basel can be downloaded freely without any restrictions.

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>40 years of hourly weather data with history+

Access historical weather information for Basel with history+. Available worldwide and independent from weather stations. Download consistent and gap-free hourly data for Basel as CSV. You can test data access for Basel freely.

More information about history+

Analyse different events. Cold and warm events: Temperature is below or above a certain threshold for a certain time. Precipitation: Probability of mm/week. Water capacity: Approximated soil water content. Cloud cover: Periods with cover below a certain threshold.

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Customers with history+ can see their activated locations here. Access remains active for 1 year. Basel is available for free evaluation.

Your activated locations are listed here. You can switch to another location by clicking on the location name.

Temperature below (°C)

Field temperature_threshold_below_custom must be within the range of -80 to 0

Temperature above (°C)

Wind speed threshold (m/s)

value not valid

Precipitation threshold (mm/week)

Maximum available soil water capacity (mm)

Cloud cover below (%)

Event duration (hours)


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