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meteoblue introduces an upgrade to the MultiModel forecast interface, enabling the user to select the numerical weather models used in the computation process of the resulting MultiModel.

The meteoblue MultiModel has been one of our flagship products since its introduction, which is why we are happy to introduce a significant upgrade in its interface. As many of our users know, our MultiModel is a weather data post-processing tool, enabling the user to aggregate weather data from multiple stand-alone (also known as "raw") numerical simulation weather models (both meteoblue proprietary and 3rd party models), comparing and contrasting their outputs, and refining the forecast data to unprecedented levels of accuracy.

We added a brand new function to the MultiModel interface, which allows users themselves to select the stand-alone numerical models utilised on the input side of the MultiModel, and thereby altering the output data (see the visual below).

You simply tick (or untick) any or all of the meteoblue proprietary models (left column) and 3rd party models (right column), and the interface instantly and automatically visualises the output of the selected weather data sources. The chart also lends itself well to documentation, with easy saving as a graph (.png), via mouse right-click or the Download button at the bottom of the page.

This function is valuable for many possible use cases: weather geeks are now able to juxtapose multiple "raw" weather data models, examining them closely, comparing them with actual weather measurements, and thereby conducting personal verification studies on a small scale. Other users might have particularly positive experience with certain weather models (and negative experience with others), and may choose to select and de-select them, respectively. Or perhaps you are interested in seeing the difference in the accuracy of your region's local weather model with several global weather models? All this and more will from now on be possible here.

We hope that you will be as excited about this innovation as we are. As always, please let us know what you think.

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