Swiss radar update

meteoblue upgrades the precipitation radar forecast for Switzerland and Liechtestein, with real time updates in 10 minutes time-steps 2.5 hours ahead

Our improved radar for Switzerland and Liechtenstein extends 2.5 hours ahead, with better detection of weak precipitation such as drizzle.
We present the radar map in the section Current weather, and on our main webpage: just select any location in Switzerland and scroll down. The radar map shows the latest radar observations for precipitation and a 2.5-hour forecast.


The radar map is updated in realtime, presented in 10 minutes time-steps and allows you to blend in the current observed temperatures and wind speeds. meteoblue also uses the radar observation for the forecast correction. This feature is part of meteoblue forecasts in many European countries, where unusual drought is depleting the soil moisture reserves.

We will continue to add radar features for other countries in the near future. Stay tuned!

დაწერეთ კომენტარი

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