Heat wave in Greece

This week, the first heat wave is approaching Greece with predicted temperatures of almost 40°C.

As a glance at our extreme weather maps shows, extreme heat is expected in Greece.

By the first half of the week (2024-06-19), temperatures in Greece will reach 35°C, with a scorching 38°C predicted by the end of the week. As shown in our meteogram, mild wind speeds and minimal cloud cover will intensify the heat.

Citizens in and around Athens must be on high alert and prepare for a week of extreme heat. As summer is approaching, long heatwaves are likely. In Europe, southern cities are especially vulnerable because temperatures can rise higher compared to urban areas due to low wind speeds and high-rise buildings, leading to even higher felt temperatures in the city.

To find the hottest and coolest places in extreme situations like these, we recommend looking at the meteoblue heat maps, which are based on the meteoblue City Climate Model. This model can resolve the air temperature to a high spatial resolution of 10 m, giving detailed information on the spots in the cities which are affected by the heat the strongest. At the same time, we enable our users to locate areas in the city with the most comfortable climate. Moreover, these maps are used for urban planning activities, helping to identify local heat islands and plan appropriate cooling strategies.

That said, we wish all people in Greece stay safe, hydrated, and cool!

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