meteoblue in America

meteoblue attended the American Meteorological Society Conference #103 in Denver, Colorado, USA, to update on new technology and meet customers.

With the accuracy of the meteoblue forecast superior to major competitors (see accuracy compared with other providers), it was time for meteoblue to reach out to the USA market, to meet existing and approach potential customers in the USA market.

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) conference is the largest in meteorology, with more than 6000 participants in 2023 and more than 5000 in person: a new attendance record. Denver, Colorado, received the participants with mostly sunny skies and frosty weather in a huge conference centre, a wide range of sessions and hundreds of presentations and posters.

The PRIMET meeting with the American Weather and Climate Association was led by PRIMET Secretary Andrew Eccleston, meteoblue CEO Karl Gutbrod and AWCIA Chairperson Steve Root.

The conference had many highlights, of which a few are worth mentioning:

  1. New forms of weather data measurement are becoming commercially viable, such as advanced satellites, lidars and drones. They will increase the accuracy of local weather data and enable breakthrough applications, such as unmanned air traffic.
  2. Modelling is making continuous advances, further improving forecasts, and starting to allow advanced interventions for the prevention of floods and wildfires. meteoblue is proud to be part of the fewer than 10 private companies running their own global weather models.
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) will enable breakthrough data analytics and a better description of weather data for end users. meteoblue has been part of these developments by applying AI since 2018 to achieve the highest published forecast accuracy - and we will not stop there.
  4. Climate change is a reality, provoking more and more weather extremes and forcing companies, investors and governments to re-design their investment allocations. meteoblue supports those initiatives with a first-tailored and easy-to-access solution for climate risk assessment.

The visit also offered the opportunity to visit the culture and nature of the region.

meteoblue is preparing for all these challenges with new offers. We are preparing new solutions for climate change - stay tuned.

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