New ocean model for North Atlantic

The High-resolution WW3-Artic ocean model from NMI is now available in our weather maps, displaying the most detailed sea forecast ever available.

The high-resolution WW3-Artic ocean weather model is now available in our weather maps- a nice example demonstrating how meteoblue fuses data sets with any coordinate system. The WW3 model has a spatial resolution of 4km, one of the most detailed of any ocean weather model.

The weather model covers the Baltic Sea and parts of the northern Atlantic, and offers the following weather variables:

  • Wave height for significant swell and wind waves. The wave height corresponds to the height a skilled observer would determine when looking at the sea.
  • Wave period and wave peak period for swell and wind waves: The peak wave period identifies either the period (the time between waves) associated with the locally generated wind sea (in cases with strong local winds), or the dominant wave system (swell) that is generated elsewhere. These maps are part of our point+ premium website subscription.

Thanks to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute for operating and providing this weather model.

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