NEW: point+ referral program for fans

Do you subscribe to and like point+? Convince your friends to buy point+ by offering them a discount and get a 3-month subscription extension.

Are you a point+ user who wants to recommend our unique point+ subscription to your friends and profit from the recommendation? We now have the perfect arguments to convince your friends and the perfect offer for you as existing customers to benefit from the recommendation:

  1. Our unique point+ features like:

  2. A discount of 25% for purchasing an annual point+ subscription, which you can share with your friends.

The coupon code is in the box on the right of the account overview page. Copy the coupon or the link and share it with your friends, who can use it to get 25% off their point+ subscription for one year. After successfully using the coupon, your point+ subscription will automatically be extended by 3 months.

This offer is available for all point+ subscribers with an annual subscription. The discount can only be used for yearly subscriptions and new customers.

We are sure these arguments will convince your friends also to purchase point+, resulting in a 3-month extension of your point+ subscription.

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