Snow days...

The meteoblue team went on snow patrol in the Alps and we found the expected: snow, sun, and a great day. We left a few traces and hope that our viewers will enjoy them.


After meticulous contingency planning, daily forecast watching and last minute adjustments (thanks to all for their flexibility), we were able to enjoy a day in the (well predicted) fresh snow with hikes, skiing, gorgeous mountain views, snow sculptures and what else you do in the snow, so the journey lasted late into the night - but we've recovered since.



We are back in office next Tuesday. Monday is our holiday for the annual Fasnacht, which was cancelled due to Swiss government decree - and further restrictions loom: We will maintain customer services (as always) also through these next days and hope that our dear hometown will get over this loss and soon return to normal within the next weeks.

In the next 2 months, we'll continue working on some exciting upgrades to our services : stay tuned.

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