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Thanks for the Weather reports

The Weather reports have enriched our website and are retiring with the launch of the new website.

We decided not to integrate the Weather reports on the new website. The fact that we have not succeeded in expanding the Weather reports is certainly not due to the committed users, but because it is not an easy task to condense local content on a global website and maintain high quality, which is lately required by most of our users and was the subject of many feedback.

The decision was difficult for us and there was a lot of internal discussion. Ultimately, we had hoped for more and sometimes perhaps not invested enough time to improve the Weather reports (images, presentation, etc.). Also, we have to recognise that local Weather reports can be found today either on very local websites, or on social network, and competing with them requires much more effort than we can currently do.

On the other hand, with our new artificial intelligence (mLMM), the worldwide and high-resolution satellite images and the increasing weather measurements, we can offer unique services for every place on Earth, which also require a lot of development and maintenance effort.

We hope that our continuously growing free offers will compensate our users for the loss. In the meantime, we will continue working on improvements. We thank everyone for their cooperation, feedback and understanding.

Your meteoblue team

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