Get your meteoblue!

meteoblue for your desktop

You can link directly from your desktop to your preferred meteoblue place:
1. Remember-me: meteoblue remembers the place for which you viewed your last forecast, if your browser allows cookies from the site.
2. Bookmark the detailed forecast - in 3 steps:
  • select your location;
  • click on the location to view the daily or detailed forecast;
  • add the page (URL) as a bookmark to your browser favorites;

TIPS: you can bookmark several locations if you need to regularly view forecasts for more than one place.

These options are available for all non-commercial uses (see our terms for details).
3. Commercial users can refer to p☼int+, p☼intPRO or contact us.

How to get meteoblue

You can access meteoblue services:

Free of charge, for non-commercial purposes, through:
  • the web, under;
  • your own website, with our weather widgets;
  • your mobile devices;

With personal subscriptions for professional users, through;

With speciality products, designed for weather dependent businesses, through:

With special projects, where we provide you top level expertise in weather modelling, data generation, image production, and other related services.