where2go now new

where2go, one of the unique meteoblue functions, now comes with a new design. On the new larger map, you can even more easily find the sunniest weather in the surrounding of the selected location

With where2go, we offer the optimal tool to find the place with the most sunny outdoor weather around the selected location (up to 4 days in advance) and see the results on a map. The calculation is based on duration of sunshine and the probability of precipitation for the entire selected area.

Start by selecting a place in the location search and then click on Outdoor & Sports, where you can select where2go. You can select the desired forecast day and interval (morning, afternoon) and the surrounding radius. where2go checks tens of thousands of points in the surrounding area within milliseconds.
The yellow area on the map shows where you can find the most sunny weather for the selected period and the selected area.

For detailed weather informations, you can check out our top precision forecast for the desired location.

We wish you nice excursions with the best weather close to you.



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