point+ for the winner of an online gliding competition

Wintertime in the northern hemisphere is usually not the season for gliding. To bridge the winter and not get out of flying practice, the "Luftsportverein Aue Hattorf” organised an online gliding competition.

The competition was held in the "Condor2" software, a very realistic gliding simulator used by many glider pilots and enthusiasts worldwide. Participation was free of charge and served to maintain good relationships with other clubs and pilots, improve one's strategies and skills, exchange experiences, and have fun. In addition, the best pilots are rewarded with prizes to stimulate the interest and ambition of the participants.

meteoblue is happy to support the eager pilots in their fight for victory! We offered a point+ subscription as a prize since point+ is an essential tool in the gliding community. It provides access to specialised features such as thermal forecast, air meteogram, trajectories, Stueve and sounding
or cross-sections. Besides those aviation-specific features, point+ also includes advanced weather information such as the 7-day meteogram, various weather maps, ensemble forecasts or our weather archive available since 1984, and much more.

The competition was held for two weeks, from 2023-01-27 to 2023-02-12. During this time, 51 participants from 14 nations competed for the main prize – a point+ subscription.

The flight competition comprised 8 scoring days with flights from Reutte in Tyrol and back. The last flight of the competition was from Reutte via Switzerland to Varese in Italy. The next round is expected to take place there in autumn this year. Realistic weather conditions posed a few challenges to the participants. However, this realism and the demanding conditions for the pilots increased their fun factor and made for a successful competition. The competition's winner was the pilot with the pseudonym "Frog Kermit" from Rhineland-Palatinate. He can now look forward to using our aviation and other point+ features for the “real” aviation season starting soon.

Suppose you also want to test or train your flying skills. In that case, we recommend using the Microsoft Flight simulator, which uses historical and real-time meteoblue weather data for the best possible realistic flying experience.

We are happy to support the Luftsportverein Aue Hattorf with point+!


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