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Unlock meteoblue high precision diagrams, dynamic maps and tools for every location worldwide. point+ offers specialized weather information for aviation, astronomy, agriculture, tourism, event organisation, outdoor sports and others. The meteoblue weather models achieve high precision and cover every place on Earth.


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Access to specialized diagrams, maps and tools with high precision weather forecasts. point+ offers detailed insights for planning and decision making. Compact meteograms enable a uniquely quick overview of how the weather will develop in the next days.

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meteoblue operates own weather models and assembles data from national weather services to provide the best weather forecast possible. Our industry leading multi-model-forecast and state of the art techniques, like MOS and Nowcasting, improve forecast quality significantly.


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Almost all premium content is available worldwide for every point on Earth. A single point+ subscription unlocks all locations. We calculate global weather models and local high resolution models for Europe, North and South America, Africa, Oceania and most parts of Asia. Updated at least every 12 hours.

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Our unique diagrams for atmospheric layers like Stueve, Soundings and Cross-Sections show the weather conditions in the atmosphere and are a widely used tool e.g. for flight preparation.

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Our meteograms contain valuable information at a glance and combine quick readability with unmatched forecast quality. Some of them are freely available like the 5-day meteogram or the All-in-One meteogram, others are included in point+ and offer a more comprehensive view with more weather variables and hourly data up to 14 days.

The meteogram 7 day further extends the forecast with more detailed precipitation and wind data. The meteogram 14 day hourly presents possible weather trend with hourly intervals and estimates possible outcomes. The meteogram SNOW includes a temperature profile up to 5000m above ground and as well as snow cover. meteogram AGRO has been designed together with farmers to support field management decisions, such as sowing and spraying.

Meteogram 7 dayMeteogram AGROmeteogram SNOWmeteogram AGRO

Időjárási térképek

meteoblue weather models generate massive amounts of data and are challenging to visualise and understand. Our innovative maps let you select all weather variables and generate precise maps for every region worldwide. They are an excellent utility for professionals, keen users and amateurs to study the complex dynamics of weather.

Common variables, such as temperature, clouds, precipitation and wind are available for free. point+ unlocks the full potential for professional applications in aviation, agriculture, astronomy, outdoor sports and more. Access exclusive maps for thermal indices, atmospheric stability, transpiration, moisture, ocean waves, air aerosols and many others.

Kifinomult légköri előrejelzés

In cooperation with aviation experts, we developed optimized graphs for soaring, paragliding, ballooning and general aviation. Instead of relying on very few radiosonde telemetry, our weather model soundings are available worldwide in hourly steps for the next 7 days.

Most notably, our meteogram AIR, enhanced Stueve and Sounding diagrams are commonly used by professionals and enthusiasts. In combination with maps, Cross-Sections and Trajectories, they should not be missed in any flight preparation.

Our pioneering thermal forecast lifts the bar even higher. The carefully crafted diagram contains the most dense atmospheric data we ever put in a diagram. Within seconds, pilots can estimate soaring conditions, wind shear, cloud convection and other risks.

Thermal forecastmeteogram AIRStueve diagramModel sounding

A tökéletes eszköz a munkához

Trajectories and wind streams look quite simple, but are astonishingly difficult to predict. Balloonists heavily depend on accurate weather forecasts to safely transport their passengers and know where they will be going.

Our Trajectories easily predict air movement for different altitude levels for up to 7 days. Forecasts include atmospheric stability, convection and wind shear to select suitable starting times and locations. They are great indicators for pollution movement or air flows to keep cities clean and avoid heat accumulation.

Csillagászati megfigyelések

Professional astronomers observing planets, nebulae, distant stars or meteors require excellent seeing conditions to capture stunning photos and for their research. Numerical weather models predict supporting conditions with low turbulence, steady atmosphere and clear skies.

The point+ astronomy forecast helps to seek the perfect night and location to boost telescopes to the limit. Most regions only have a few nights with excellent seeing conditions which must not be missed.

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