Updated meteograms

New Design - Improved Data Quality - Better Readability

We continued improving our data accuracy during the last months. Since, we have focussed on better readability - with the meteograms. We re-programmed them with the latest technologies to ensure fast loading times, a high resolution of the images, up-to-date design and technical stability.

In the last few days, we have finalized them with the aid of our users, whom we asked to vote between different display options (e.g. decide on the background colour and the precipitation bars). Thanks to all participants for helping us! Your feedback is considered, already implemented, and visible on our website.

The following list provides an overview of Meteogram improvements:

  • Precipitation is now shown in separated hourly bars instead of 3-hour blocks, better indicating when certain precipitation events are expected to start.
  • Clearer colours for better readability.
  • A new precipitation type, frozen mix was added to describe a mix of rain and snow.
  • The size of the pictograms has been reduced to avoid overlapping pictures.

Our new 5-day, 7-day, All-in-One, and Agro meteograms are already live on our website. The next Meteogram update for the remaining Meteograms is already in the pipeline.
Stay tuned!

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