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Weather warnings for EU

meteoblue shows new weather warnings for Europe

meteoblue now shows weather warnings from Meteoalarm, a European project which collects weather warnings from 37 official National Public Weather Services. We update the weather warnings every 10 minutes and show them for the selected location in Europe on our website www.meteoblue.com.

We start by showing warnings for Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Poland. Weather warnings for other countries will follow.

The weather warnings consist of 12 awareness types, 4 awareness levels, validity period and geographical spread, and are shown under the 7-days forecast. A map overview of the warnings can be found under "Current weather".

Awareness types

Awareness levels


No special awareness required


Potentially dangerous




Very dangerous

Extremely high temperature

Extremely low temperature

Coastal event






A link to the source of the weather warnings (official National Public Weather Services) is shown in the right below corner of the weather warning, together with the time of update.



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