Eternal day.... on the satellite maps

meteoblue satellite viewer now with even higher resolution - for day and night!

Satellite viewer is one of the most popular of all meteoblue maps, which we have developed continuously. What are the latest innovations? The satellite viewer now has a higher resolution. It is now composed of images with 500 megapixels, which shows objects with 1-2 km size at the equator:


We have also improved the algorithm that enables viewing clouds at night with far greater detail: It's now hard to see the difference between night and day:


And the surface relief is displayed with higher precision:


The only thing you can't always see are icebergs, volcanos and wildfires (because they disappear - sometimes under the clouds, sometimes forever).


The satellite viewer is free and also available through our mobile apps.

We hope you enjoy our continuous improvements and wish you a happy and healthy 2021.

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