Current Weather with more updates

Current weather with new functions: better hourly display, diagram with sun elevation, METAR for airports and more.

Alongside weather forecast, historical weather, and climate summaries, meteoblue also offers the description of the current weather situation for any place on Earth. We use measurements, observation and nowcast to produce the best possible and most detailed description of the weather conditions at the present monent, and the immediate past and future. Simply put, it is a real-time weather report.

Our Current Weather web page has now been enhanced with new features. First of all, we have graphically improved the current weather diagram. It is visually more organised and appealing:


(above: Nowcast for Basel, Switzerland, March 11th, 2021)

Another new feature is the Sun elevation graph:


(above: Sun elevation in Lagos, Nigeria, March 11th, 2021, showing the date of lowest and of next expected highest sun elevation angle)


(above: Sun elevation in Kiruna, Sweden, March 11th, 2021)

The Sun elevation graph shows the exact times when the Sun rises and sets, and the Sun path angle to the surface of the Earth at your selected location for the current day. The sun symbol and the orange curve indicate the current sun elevation for your selected location, whereas the dark grey curves above and below show the most extreme values of the year (Note that the diagram for Kiruna, Sweden, clearly shows how far North this location lies - there is polar day and polar night.)

Another feature is METAR (Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report) for airports. As anyone inerested in aviation will know, METAR is a format of reporting weather informtion predominantly used by pilots and others in the context of aviation. Our METAR data are updated every 5 minutes, and also show a detailed meteorological history for any airport in the last 24 hours.


(above: METAR for Kiruna airport, Sweden, March 11th, 2021)

Other features on this web page are the maps of "Satellite and rain", and - for selected regions - the maps displaying the "Radar and precipitation nowcast" and "Current weather situation and warnings".

We hope you like the improvements!

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