Times they are a changing

In Basel, winter and normality are over - we are getting ready for the changes of the Coronavirus crisis.


After another record winter (with 3 warmest months), temperatures are reaching spring level and helping us to get over the recent restrictions. Corona-Virus restrictions have now closed schools, universities and other public places in our region. Since 02 March, our office has been stepping up preventive measures: the arrows are one of them - our invitation to everyone to wash hands after arrival ;-)
All our travels had to be cancelled and home office arrangements made. We are all healthy, ready to serve you without interruptions even in case of a shutdown, doing our share to reduce infections and hoping that you can also stay safe and join in the emerging solidarity.

20200314210850_chBSBasel-20200313z12-meteoblueOFFICE-handwash-arows-IMG5591small2_440x220.jpg 20200314211018_chBSBasel-20200314-meteogramcurrentOnClimatehdEN_440x220.jpg


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