Vreme danas

Real-time weather updates with more information and accuracy: radar, Satellite, TAF and symbols for fog.

Our function Vreme danas (formerly "Current Weather") has received some substantial enhancements in the past weeks:

  • rainNOW for most of EU and USA, with precise radar updates.
  • Radar and Satellite maps for EVERY place in the world: you can see every shower as well as volcano eruption ash clouds or forest fires. The satellite map now also includes the minute-by-minute animation feature, which was previously exclusive to the Weather Maps view.
  • Airport METARs have been extended with TAF: just select an airport through our global location search (you can use ICAO Codes) and browse through vast METAR and TAF updates.

In addition, our pictograms are updated quarter-hourly with the latest 15-minute satellite information, and they now also include fog - not an easy calculation task and a major refinement in the areas with temperature inversions. Enjoy!

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