New: Ski resort information

Winter is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere, and the ski season has already started in some ski resorts. Therefore, we have added ski resort information to our website, which now includes all relevant information about ski resorts with just one click.

We have added ski resort information for the largest ski resorts in the world to our website. For snow enthusiasts, this is the perfect complement to our weather information.

The ski resort information has been added to our start page, where you can immediately see if there is a ski resort in the nearby surrounding of the selected location. If so, an additional box appears summarising the most relevant ski information. By clicking on this box, you will be directed to our designated ski weather page, which contains all the relevant information to plan your perfect skiing day, such as a detailed overview of all slopes and infrastructure in the ski resort, up-to-date information on open ski runs and lifts as well as snow conditions. On our new page, you can also find all relevant contact information and website links to each ski resort.
Furthermore, you can find nearby ski resorts to compare different resorts in one area to find the best resort for your day in the snow.

Besides the ski resort information, our website contains valuable snow information to plan your ski day.

point+ users also have access to our detailed snow maps showing snowfall and depth information and to our Snow meteogram, which is a detailed chart of all snow-relevant weather variables.

We are sure that this new combination of the new ski information and our detailed weather information is the perfect planning tool for your day in the snow.

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