Windyty, S.E. Acquires Majority Stake in meteoblue, A.G.

Windyty, S.E., the operator of, has acquired a majority stake in meteoblue, marking a significant merger between two of the most innovative companies in the weather forecasting industry.

This union will leverage the strengths of both companies, combining expertise and resources to revolutionise the delivery of weather data worldwide.

As leading providers of high-precision weather services, meteoblue and Windy have a long history of collaboration. Over the years, they have shared weather models, web camera data, innovative ideas on user interface and experience, and much more. This partnership formalises and deepens our cooperation, paving the way for unprecedented advancements in meteorological services.

Windy, founded in 2014 in Prague, has rapidly become a global leader in B2C weather forecasting. Windy offers real-time weather data, advanced forecasting, and interactive weather mapping to millions of users worldwide. Its iconic map-based interface and precise predictions have made it indispensable for a wide range of users, including meteorologists, pilots, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Windy's B2C (business-to-customer) focus and strengths will perfectly complement our strong presence in the global B2B (business-to-business) and B2G (business-to-government) markets. By joining forces, meteoblue and windy are poised to set new standards in weather forecasting and data visualisation, delivering enhanced value to users and stakeholders worldwide.

Stay tuned to witness the groundbreaking impact of this industry-defining merger!

Ammending our first announcement, here are a few statements:

As Ivo Lukacovic, founder of says: "At Windy, we hold the utmost respect and admiration for the technologies and research conducted by meteoblue. We eagerly anticipateharnessing the full potential of our collaboration."
Dr. Karl Gutbrod, co-founder and CEO of meteoblue: "This partnership is a stepchange milestone in our journey to become the number one premium weather data source worldwide. Joining forces with Windyty, S.E. will expand our global reach, enhance our leading capabilities and unleash new innovation potential. We are enthusiastic with the solution perspectives we can offer by combining the best data with the best visualization."
meteoblue founder, Mathias Müller, added: "From our humble beginnings at the University of Basel to leading technological advancements in weather forecasting, meteoblue has always been driven by innovation. We were already computing 2 km weather forecasts in 2008, something that is still considered an innovation today. Our first machine learning combined dozens of different weather models already in 2018, long before AI became a buzz-word. With Windyty, S.E., we are set to redefine what is possible in the realm of meteorological services and bring the best weather data not just to business customers but to hundreds of millions of users."
In summary:

We are not merging, we are expanding;
Both companies will continue supporting and creating distinctive offers, to better address the needs of more user communities and customer segments;
neither Windy nor meteoblue services will disappear - much the opposite, we will continue to grow and differentiate them.
This is why we are enthusiastic about this alliance.

To all those worried about mergers (have you seen too many of them?): Nothing will disappear, if anything , we will keep improving our distinct services, and hope that you encourage us with your suggestions.

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