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Gain instant access to uniquely accurate weather data via
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What we offer

Instant access

The meteoblue high-speed API is available via an automated payment system for registered users. You can gain access to our uniquely accurate weather data within less than one minute. The configuration is intuitive, and it provides access to our API, with hundreds of weather variables available worldwide.

Top-accuracy weather data

The unique accuracy of meteoblue weather data is ensured by utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning, nowcasting and real-time updates within the meteoblue Learning MultiModel (mLM). We also regularly conduct extensive verification of our weather models as well as on 3rd party models, comparing them with objective measurements and observation data.

Usage-based pricing

The meteoblue credit-based pricing allows you to pay only for the data you use. There is no automatic payment renewal or hidden costs. You simply pre-pay for a specific volume of meteoblue credits and receive access immediately. The subscription is valid for one year. If you then decide to renew your subscription, all unused credits will be transferred to the following subscription period.

Global coverage

meteoblue offers weather variables covering any place on Earth at a wide range of altitude levels, independent of measurement stations. We produce proprietary global and local high-resolution weather models for Europe, North and South America, Africa, Oceania, and the majority of Asia, and we offer various 3rd party simulation models, too.

Unique data range

Hundreds of variables from more than 30 different weather models are available in multiple formats, for 4 days in the past and up to 14 days in the future. Common weather variables are complemented with business-specific variables for agriculture, renewable energy, environmental management and other applications. Further risk indices, forecast predictability and probabilistic measures allow you to realistically assess the actual weather situation.

Customisable Formats

Combine the preferred data packages to create a tailor-made weather forecast. Specify the location, time zone and temporal resolution, file format, and the forecast and history extent. Simple keywords enable you to select only the required data from the worlds’ most complete weather database, available as raw data (CSV, JSON) or as a highcharts visualization. More options are available with our enterprise solutions (Access levels Bronze, Silver, Gold).


Forecast API

meteoblue weather forecast API uses nowcasting and meteoblue Learning MultiModel (mLM) for the highest accuracy. Up to 14-days of hourly forecasts are available. You can assemble your own weather forecast API calls by combining pre-defined packages of weather variables.

The data package 'basic-1h’ offers hourly 7-day forecasts with variables such as temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed, pressure and a weather condition code. You can combine it with various other packages, such as 'agro-1h' which adds data about soil temperature, moisture, and evapotranspiration, to the same API call.

API access management and statistics

Manage your API keys and monitor real-time statistics about the usage and the remaining meteoblue credits. Daily credit limits for API keys keep the costs under control and prevent any unexpected increases in usage. API keys can be limited to IP addresses and offer HTTP referrer and origin restrictions. With cryptographically secured shared secrets and expiration timers, APIs can be directly embedded into client applications.

Sector-specific weather data


Weather is a key factor determining agricultural productivity, as well as field work, harvesting, transport and processing. meteoblue offers high-resolution weather forecasts to enhance farm management, for any climate zone on Earth.

Media & Websites

We offer solutions allowing you to create your own smartphone or tablet app with globally available high-quality forecasts by meteoblue, using state-of-the-art technologies, suitable for print media and TV, as well as for individual websites.

Solar energy

Power generation of solar systems is mainly determined by radiation. The high spatial resolution of meteoblue models enables a precise parameterisation of clouds and atmospheric water. We offer data for site-specific solar power forecast and real-time monitoring.

Wind energy

meteoblue forecasts provide high resolution weather data over large areas. Thus, our models resolve local wind systems, by land-sea winds or flow patterns controlled by topography. We offer solutions adapted for wind energy businesses.

Air traffic

meteoblue simulation models offer full spatial data coverage at various altitude levels, which is essential for aviators. Optimise plans and minimise risk along flight routes with our key information at hand. Combined with real-time observations of any airport worldwide, we offer all information needed for professional flight planning.

Transport & Logistics

Weather conditions strongly influence shipping logistics, and road conditions play a key role in professional traffic flow management. Our risk assessment tools, and weather warnings will help you to save cost, reduce risk and optimise road maintenance, transportation schedules and more.

Building management

Integrate meteoblue weather forecasts in your home automation system to increase the efficiency of your smart home. Data is applicable for private smart homes as well as for complex buildings.


Modern navigation integrates more and more digital information. Precise weather data improve navigation for convenience, efficiency and safety.

100+ Weather variables

  • • Temperature
  • • Precipitation
  • • Convective precipitation
  • • Snow fraction
  • • Wind speed & direction
  • • Wind gusts
  • • Air density
  • • Relative humidity
  • • Sea level pressure
  • • Predictability
  • • UV-index
  • • Sunrise and sunset
  • • Wetbulb temperature
  • • Evapotranspiration
  • • Vapour pressure deficit
  • • Leaf wetness index
  • • Soil temperature
  • • Soil moisture
  • • Dewpoint temperature
  • • Mean sensible heat flux
  • • Solar radiation
  • • Total cloud cover
  • • Pollen (birch, grass, olive)
  • • Air quality index
  • • Sandstorm alert
  • • CAPE
  • • Lifted index
  • • Convective inhibition
  • • Freezing level height
  • • Significant wave height
  • • Seawater salinity
  • • And many more...

See the technical documentation for more information about the offered weather variables.

Free one month API trial

You can test our API in a free trial period for 31 days, without any obligations. All you
need is a free meteoblue account. The free API+ trial includes 2 million meteoblue credits.


Pricing is based on pre-paid credits. Simple API calls require fewer credits than complex API calls with more specialised weather variables.

API+ offers API access for up to one year or until all meteoblue credits are redeemed. Additional credits can be purchased at any time, and you can thus extend the service run-time by one year after the purchase.

Our most common 7 day forecast with hourly data with 14 weather variables (basic-1h) deducts 8'000 credits per call. 200 million meteoblue credits allow 25'000 API calls, respectively 68 calls / day for one year.

To get an overview of all packages and their credit costs have a look at the forecast configurator page or just start your free trial.

Caching or resale is not allowed but can be provided on request. The conditions of use are according to meteoblue Terms & Conditions.

For more information on the meteoblue credit pricing you can check our enterprise solutions. Do you want to use meteoblue APIs for public research? Contact for more information.

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30 million credits
(10x basic-1h on 365 days)

One-time payment

Available for one year

Optional automatic renewal

Save 25%
200 million credits
(68x basic-1h on 365 days)

One-time payment

Available for one year

Optional automatic renewal

Save 40%
750 million credits
(256x basic-1h on 365 days)

One-time payment

Available for one year

Optional automatic renewal

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Support & consulting

meteoblue offers special conditions for research cooperations and free access to our Widgets and API for non commercial use.

VAT & Pricing

VAT will be deducted for EU business customers with a valid VATIN. The identification number is required and will be automatically validated against the EU database before purchase. All services are associated with your meteoblue account, which will be created in the ordering process. Upon payment confirmation, you receive an invoice as PDF with the indicated VAT amount. Invoices can also be downloaded from your meteoblue account overview.

The payment is handled by Datatrans, a PCI-DSS certified payment service provider for more security in payment transactions. Your credit card information is transmitted using data encryption, only used for one transaction and not stored. The security of your data is very important for us. Payment options include Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Swiss Postfinance.

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