meteoQuiz – win a point+ subscription

As meteoWhiz, you now have the chance to win a point+ subscription for one year by participating in our new meteoQuiz.

In January 2024, we published our meteoQuiz, in which you can test your meteorological knowledge! meteoScool provides the background information, with insights into weather and its influences on the Earth and human activities. With the meteoQuiz, you can test how much you know about meteorology or what you have learned in our meteoScool.

By participating, you now have the chance to get one-year point+ subscriptions (out of 5 that we are giving away), unlocking high-precision diagrams, dynamic maps and tools for every location worldwide on our website – without advertisements. You can access specialised weather information for outdoor sports, aviation, astronomy, agriculture, tourism, event organisation, etc.

To participate in the prize draw, you need a website account and an active subscription to our newsletter.

  • Create a website account and subscribe to our newsletter. If you already have an account, subscribe to our newsletter.
  • Complete our meteoQuiz and reach at least 14 of 15 points. Take a screenshot of your final score.
  • E-Mail us ([email protected]) a screenshot of your score with the E-Mail address used for your meteoblue website account and the title “meteoQuiz” in your email.

Everybody can participate only once. You can participate until 2024-02-27. The winners will be informed by email in the following five days.

Good luck!

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