Highest resolution global model - UKMO 10 km

Our Weather model selection now includes UKMO-10 worldwide and UKMO-2 for NW-Europe. This increases our model range to 8 worldwide and to 20 weather models in the EU - an unique selection not yet publicly available anywhere else.

The UKMO-2 mainly covers the United Kingdom and the surrounding areas including some parts of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. This new high-resolution model with a spatial resolution of 2 km is operated by the British Meteorology Office and provides weather forecast for 144 hours into the future - the longest forecast range available for a 2 km model.

Globally, our offer is extended with the highest resolution global weather model currently available - the UKMO-10 model, also provided by the British Meteorology Office. It has a spatial resolution of 10 km and delivers forecast data for 144 hours ahead.

These new model data are considered in our forecast data calculation that combines a large number of different weather models. In addition, the raw model data is integrated into our MultiModel diagram, which shows raw forecast data from different models, so you can easily compare them with each other - with our new option to select between the different models shown in the diagram.

You can also choose the new models in our weather maps , in the lower right corner of the navigation box. The UKMO-2 and UKMO-10 are available for a large variability of different weather maps.

Thanks to the British Meteorology Office for providing these datasets!

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