Weather in the wilderness - Checking forecasts in Patagonia

Weather forecasts without measurements - does it still work?

Some places have no weather stations - actually, more than 80% the places on Earth have no weather measurements within 50 km distance. Yet, meteoblue is one of the few weather services, enabling users to check weather information for any place on Earth - using our uniquely versatile location coordinate search.

But does the forecast match with the reality in distant locations? The only way to check it is to go there and find out: Not everyone can do that every day, so here is an example from Patagonia (Argentina) sent by hikers from the lake below Glaciar Torre. Within a radius of 300 km from this location, only 3 weather measurement stations exist, and the closest weather station is located more than 200 km away (see map).

The weather forecast made by meteoblue for the exact coordinate on Thursday, 2024-02-22, 11:00 local time, showed clouds down to 1-1.5 km altitude, with some rain and wind from the West.

The reality at 630 metres altitude viewing West at 11 am looked very similar: Clouds down to 1-1.5 km altitude, with some rain and wind from the West, and with snow in the higher altitudes that is consistent with what the meteogram Snow reported for 1692 meters above sea level.

Quite an impressive performance of the MultiModel weather forecast in mountainous terrain.

Thanks to all the hikers using these unique capabilities, especially those who send us their reports.

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