Winter storm in Northern U.S.

It starts freezing in the north of the USA - a winter storm is moving across the country.

The USA is experiencing a solid weather contrast currently. While the north is experiencing several wintry and stormy conditions and widespread weather warnings affecting millions of people, the spring-like weather in the south (southeast) of the USA is breaking temperature records.

On the West Coast of the USA, moist air masses of a high-pressure system over the ocean meet cold air masses from the North. The low-pressure area right in front of the coast causes strong winds towards the coast and brings (icy) rain. Higher altitudes, like the Rocky Mountains, will be heavily affected by the storm, with blizzards and snowfall, especially from Friday to Saturday. Meanwhile, solid and cold winds blowing inland from the northeast coast are causing severe conditions in the US Lakes Region, ranging from heavy to freezing rain and even snow.

The weather in the USA is exceptionally contrasting. While we have winterly conditions in the usually mild California, a high-pressure system over the Atlantic, lying southeast of the USA, pushes warm air masses towards the country, forming springlike weather in the southern states. In general, temperature differences are unusually high across the US. The weather can change quickly in a given location, especially where the cold meets the heat, like Omaga, Pierre or Denver, Cheyenne.

The course of the cold temperatures is visible on our hourly temperature map.

The extent of this cold snap becomes clear when analysing our climate diagrams indicating that the minimum temperature in Bismarck is usually around -9 °C in February. Our historical climate is based on weather data from the last 30 years.

For the next few days however, temperatures of up to -31°C are expected in some places, such as in Bismarck in North Dakota.

Towards the end of the weekend, the weather will partly weaken, and temperatures will rise again in the north, with stronger winds remaining.

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