meteoblue without advertisement and tracking

Enjoy meteoblue without any advertising and support us to improve our weather forecasts! Are you looking for premium features? Try our point+.

No advertisements

Advertising is financing our free weather forecasts. With meteoblue Ad-free, all advertisements are disabled. No advertisement banners. No text ads. No pop-ups. More space for content, especially on the mobile phone.

No tracking

All forms of tracking are disabled with meteoblue Ad-free. Tracking is used by advertisement companies to track user behaviour and site usage, as well as to provide personalised advertising.


Without ads, meteoblue loads faster, is more responsive and saves bandwidth. Advertisement banners take time to load and sometimes contain animations or videos.


meteoblue Ad-free is purchased with a single payment, without a subscription and with no obligation to extend.


meteoblue Ad-free provides all the functions you need for day-to-day decisions on the weather in a uniquely simple, detailed and intuitive way.


meteoblue gives you access to the most practical, interactive, and enjoyable weather presentations, such as searching for the sunniest place (where2go), the clouds (satellite animation), and the purest air (meteogram air quality).

Ad-free can not be transferred to the meteoblue apps, as both products are managed in different systems, and synchronising them ends in large administrative efforts without gaining weather-relevant value. Therefore, we prefer to offer separate subscriptions for the website and app, both at affordable prices and also accessible free of charge.

Prices and Order

8.1% VAT included in all prices

12 months

Optional automatic renewal

The payment is handled by Datatrans, a PCI-DSS certified payment service provider for more security in payment transactions. Your credit card information is transmitted using data encryption, only used for one transaction and not stored. The security of your data is very important for us. Payment options include Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Swiss Postfinance.

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