Forecast data improvements for France

At the beginning of January, we added additional data sources for France to our forecast processing chain, resulting in improved data accuracy for France.

During the last few days, we integrated more than 1'800 additional weather station data in France. This data is added to our forecast data calculation and used for model training and nowcasting. You can find the improved data on our start page, apps, or in the meteograms.

Furthermore, the radar for France is significantly improved, leading to a better precipitation forecast for the entire of France. The radar predicts a 2-hour forecast available as seamless animation and is updated every 5 minutes. The radar screenshot shows the data's high spatial resolution, allowing us to detect local differences within 500 meters. With our point+ subscription, you can also access the past 24 hours.

Thanks to Meteo France for making these data publicly available.


Posted on 2024-01-23 12:26:27 by EricJ7

Nice work expanding the station models!
Just in time for storms Isha, and now Jocelyn.
Interested to see how the forcast models handle the increasing energy levels, atmospheric & ocean.

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