Mega-Waves on the Southern Atlantic ... Attention!?

Some displays can be extreme, or simply - wrong!

Our website is currently showing ocean waves of more than 300 meters height for the Southern Atlantic Ocean.
This is not normal, nor is it plausible... this is impossible, and therefore: a mistake. Waves can reach from 0.1 to 10 meters height, in some cases 15 meters, and in most extreme cases, individual (but not all) waves can reach heights of 20-30 meters - but never 50, 100 or more meters.

The cause of this error is a wrong data transmission in the WAM Wave model, which we hope will be corrected with the next model update. We do
extensive quality control on the billions of datapoints passing through our system every day, which catch and eliminate more than 99% of all errors - but still, a few errors will occasionally pass through the filters. As a general rule: when checking weather forecasts, always consider what is plausible, to avoid being confused by occasional, but possible errors.

In this case, you can just select another model, such as NOAA WW3ENS.

Thanks for your attention and understanding.

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