meteoblue website changes

Faster loading speed and other improvements will make meteoblue more accessible on less powerful devices and in rural areas.


In June 2019, we introduced important design and functional enhancements on the meteoblue website. Many of these features used modern techniques to make the meteoblue website more interactive. While offering excellent usability on modern devices, these features required more computing power than expected on smartphones and computers, resulting in slower loading on many devices. We also realised that more users than we expected were still using combinations of older devices and browser versions, resulting in serious access problems for some users.

A unique advantage of meteoblue is providing precision weather information for every place on Earth and it is important for many of our users to reach us also in areas with less connectivity.
Therefore, we are introducing further technical changes on our website to substantially improve access on less powerful devices and in areas with slower internet connections.

Advantages of these changes:

  • Loading speed 8 times faster, making work much better on less powerful devices
  • Less bandwidth required, which is important for good performance on slow connections
  • Works better on older browsers and operating systems

Visible changes:

  • Location search is now on the upper left of the screen
  • Last visited locations and your personal favourites are directly accessible in the upper right corner
  • Faster, more simple site navigation
  • where2go has the previous map background again (this will be upgraded in 2020)

The price of these necessary changes is that we have to discontinue some features for the time being:

  • No support for the dark website theme: It was adopted by hardly any users, but required substantial development and maintenance work
  • Night icons can no longer be deselected: This option was used by less than 1% of our users, and elimination reduces loading time and error risk

With these changes, we are strengthening the robustness of our website on multiple devices, broadening access to a maximum range of users and maintaining the foundation for further improvements of performance and usability on smaller smartphones, without compromising use on larger screens.

Thereby, we make the weather data with the highest documented precision equally available to virtually every user on Earth.

More is explained under our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We appreciate further questions, feedback or suggestions.


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