Pacific satellite resolution upgrade

High-resolution images for the Pacific region are now available from the Himawari satellite

Himawari is a geostationary weather satellite, operated at about 36,000 km (22,000 mi) altitude above Earth's equator by the Japan Meteorological Agency since July 2015. Himawari supplies high-resolution cloud images of the whole Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand and East Asia.

With the new maximum resolution, you will enjoy much sharper images, showing detailed meteorological conditions above the Pacific region, such as small clouds, fog, aerosols and developing storms. An actualisation within 7 (before 40) minutes allows better nowcasting and improves numerical weather prediction accuracy. We have also merged the Himawari images into our unique global satellite image composite, available on our website and - with maximum resolution - for our commercial customers.

We are happy to be one of the first to make the highest-resolution cloud cover satellite images of the Pacific region available to the general public and ask our users to forward the news to other interested persons, or to send us further suggestions.




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