Climate risk assessments

Climate change made manageable: The new meteoblue Climate Risk Assessments enable customers to take better decisions about climate-related risks.

meteoblue offers location-specific climate risk assessment reports that evaluate the potential future climate change risk for any location worldwide. We are one of the first companies to offer location-specific climate risk assessment reports based on scientific models in an easy-to-understand format and at affordable prices to make such assessments rapidly available to customers. The reports enable customers to evaluate most potential future climate risks for the years 2030-2100, and have been developed to directly meet the planning and reporting needs of companies which operate in a changing environment.

We already offer different tools to analyse climate change for every location on Earth:

  • Climate change diagrams to see how different weather variables have developed since 1979. These diagrams are free and available on our website.
  • Climate predictions to analyse the effect of climate change until the year 2100 for different parameters like heat days. These predictions are part of our history+ subscription, which you can also test free of charge for Basel.

These analysis tools are further extended to fulfil official company requirements since our reports have been designed to meet EU taxonomy requirements. The taxonomy asks companies to evaluate their business against climate-related risks (e.g. extreme heat or precipitations causing wildfires, flooding).

Climate risks of 31 variables in 4 dimensions (temperature, wind, water and solid mass) are classified into 5 risk categories ranging from "no risk" to "red flag", containing 4 emission scenarios from the IPCC report. The future period of interest can be chosen individually until the end of the 21st century. The reports are available in two versions: "CDP Package", with more than 20 pages of data and information, and "EU Taxonomy Package", with more than 60 pages of very detailed information, including data, risk classifications and explanations.

More information about our climate risk assessments can be found on our product pages or by contacting us.


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