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meteoblue publishes weather app for iPhone

Basel/Switzerland 06/01/2016 – High precision weather forecasts from the Swiss weather specialist meteoblue are now available in a new app for iPhone. Weather forecasts can now be viewed on the go, easily and comfortably for any place on Earth.

The meteoblue weather app offers the most popular features of the meteoblue website: users can download a detailed hourly weather forecast of the next 7 days for any place in the world. Locations can also be chosen on mountains, in the desert and in the middle of the sea. The weather data for the last visited 20 locations are stored after each update and can therefore be viewed also when the app is offline. The app offers a novel wind animation, which shows the wind flow for different altitudes as an animation for an area; the continuous zoom function allows to see wind flows for the whole world as well as for local areas like valleys. Furthermore, the app includes satellite and radar maps, and the where2go?! feature, that displays the most sunny weather in the region surrounding the selected location. All these functions of the App are accessible for free. The App also offers a payment option to suppress advertising.

A version for Android is currently under development.

The meteoblue App can be downloaded for free at the AppStore:


About meteoblue
meteoblue delivers local weather information of high quality worldwide for any point on land and sea. meteoblue premium website content, products and services are designed for businesses that depend on the weather and for individuals having a special interest in meteorology. The weather data are based on proprietary high resolution weather models operated on 7 continents since 2008 and complemented by satellite and ground measurements. The meteoblue website offers weather information for the next 14 days and weather history in hourly steps going back to 1984, with a selection of more than 5 million places and access to any place on Earth, including mountains and oceans. The presentations include 7 to 14 days forecast, radar maps with hourly forecasts and met- eograms with various parameters and cloud cover. For businesses, precision forecasts and weather history are accessible via API as data and images, and more specialised services are offered for agriculture, media, tourism, renewable energy and building management.

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