Cyclone in the North Atlantic produces high waves

A cyclone with a large core and a strong wind field has developed over the Labrador Sea last weekend.

High wind speeds within the low pressure system whip up the sea and create high waves moving towards the British Isles and northwest Iberia.

The cyclone has already weakened and the maximum wave height was reached on the open Atlantic Ocean today. It is expected to arrive in western Europe by late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

Yesterday's satellite image was quite impressive (left). A significant wave height of more than 3 m can be expected at the coasts (right).




Posté le 20/11/2019 10:48:22 par duncan90 (Blogger qualifié)

Les évènements météorologiques présentés depuis queques temps sont très intérressants, bonne initiatives et bravo pur toutes vos améliorations. Super !

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