Hourly overview re-design and webcam archives

Arches and Archives: These are 2 new enhancements to our public-free website. Hourly overview with a temperature arching curve, so you can immediately see the daily amplitude, reinforced by colours and improved weather icons. In addition, the webcams now have a unique archive and new functions. Check out our latest improvements!

Our hourly weather overview is now re-designed as a temperature arche, summarising hourly weather information in a curve, decorated by colours, weather symbols, and the daylight time. With enabled extended view, you see the hourly weather view directly on our start page. The first part of the chart shows the temperature development over one day and helps immediately detect the highest and lowest temperature of a given day. Below, precipitation amounts are shown as blue bars, and precipitation probability is also indicated. Finally, the chart contains information about wind speed, direction and gusts. We have also added a line that shows the current time for rapid orientation in the course of the day - and of course, all data are continuously updated with the most recent measurements and observations.

Our webcam page is excellent for analysing current weather conditions and was wholly revised. There is a better overview of available webcams, with the distance to the selected location. On our website, you can now directly watch the recorded images for the past hours or see them on full screen. Furthermore, we have added a gallery, which you can open by clicking on one of the available webcams. You can click through the current webcam images for the selected location's surroundings in this gallery. This feature provides a quick overview of the weather conditions for nearby places - in the highest resolution. You can now check current or past weather evens of the last 24 hours in almost live detail!

We hope these improvements make our website even more enjoyable and appreciate your feedback.

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