Advantages of having a meteoblue website account

We recently applied some design changes to our website account overview page, and we want to use this chance to provide you with a short overview of the features and advantages of our website account.

Creating a meteoblue website account is free of charge and without any obligations. With a website account, you have the following advantages:

  • You can use meteoMail, a free service that delivers meteograms or weather warnings for a defined location regular by email.
  • The meteoTV feature is enabled to create weather displays with daily overviews or radar and satellite maps. This service can be created directly on our website, and you can put it straight into your TV screen.
  • Option to purchase our website products like point+ to activate access to premium website features and to disable ads. Ad-free removes all advertisements on our website or history+ granting access to our extensive historical weather simulation data with tools to analyse this data.
  • Location favourites can be set by clicking on the star next to the location name in the account overview and being managed in your account (e.g. renaming locations).
  • Finally, the option to subscribe to our newsletter that regularly informs about new features and other news regarding meteoblue becomes available.

The new website account page now shows a better overview of available services and simplifies the management of meteoblue subscriptions like point+ or Ad-free. This page is only accessible to users with an account on our website.

We are sure that these features enrich the use of our website and hope that the new design simplifies the management of the different features.

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