Tracking flood events

Heavy rainfall has plunged parts of Middle Europe under water. Measurements on site are important for recording such extreme events. Our urban climate measuring network measures the precipitation in Zurich and shows major differences.

Heavy rainfall causes flooding, and flooding is often worst in cities. Tracking the real extent of heavy precipitation is a major challenge for meteorology.

The city climate network operated by meteoblue in cooperation with the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the City of Zürich has tracked the heavy rain events of past 13th July 2021 hours in the Swiss City of Zurich. The pictures of the measurements show precipitation volumes of up to 80 mm within 24 hours.

Some areas of the city were more affected: in the Western parts, hourly precipitation between morning 01:00 and 02:00 o'clock exceeded 30 mm/h in some places. The central and southern parts of Zürich were less affected.

The very detailed measurements from more than 80 different locations within the city center and surrounding areas confirm the official measurements by the National Meteorological Service, Meteosuisse, which recorded 36.0 mm at Station Uetliberg between 01:00 - 02:00 of 13th July 2021 and 55.4 mm for the entire period 12th July 12:00 - 13th July 12:00.

City climate monitoring is a unique tool which enables detecting the local differences, measuring real impact and planning for the future. And the risk of climate changes causing such precipitations can be well tracked with history+ ... for any place on Earth.

You can track the developments in Zürich and Basel on our website - and maybe for other cities in the near future.

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