Satellite map history - worldwide and unique

meteoblue launches historical satellite cloud maps since 2020 - worldwide and in highest available precision - the first of its kind worldwide.

In the last months, we have continued to further develop our unique satellite maps with new features:

  • Impressively high resolution, composed of images with 500 megapixels. This makes the satellite visualizations incredibly sharp, especially on mobile devices or high-resolution screens.
  • Clouds at night can be seen in greatest detail. Nowhere else can you find similar distinctions.
  • Enhanced remote sensing technologies allow you to see every single cloud and even fog on the satellite pictures.
  • The images are animated to a seamless, global satellite movie in 15-minute time steps.

This week, we launched a worldwide unique offer: The satellite images are now available for the past 2 years - with seamless global coverage, in highest precision and in 15-minute time steps. Nowhere else will you find similar breadth, depth and detail of satellite cloud maps. Just click on the calendar symbol and select the date in the calendar.

The satellite history for the past week is available free of charge. The whole satellite history is part of our point+ subscription, which you can also test for 2 weeks without any obligations.

We are sure that this new offer will further enrich your experience. Those of you who send us some unique historical satellite screenshots with remarkable events (typhoons, special clouds shapes, forest fires, volcano eruptions, or other phenomena) until 30 May 2022 will receive a free-of-charge 3 month extension of their point+ subscription. Enjoy the new history!

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